See what other people are saying after this kind of service when they feel stiff, can't sleep well, or just want to be able to move and stay active. 

Inside you'll learn more about Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization:

IASTM...known as intrument assisted soft tissue can be use in many different ways. Learn how we created this service just for you so you can feel your best!

This is great for you if you are feeling tight...need a good stretch and massage out those knots in your body...

Want to wake up in the morning and not feel like you need to peel yourself out of bed? Want to end our work day without so many aches and pains everywhere? Learn how you can take care of your body!!

Moms and Dads?!?! It's hard keeping up with the kids no matter how small or big they get! Keep your body loose, pain free, and avoid injury so you can take care of your family better!

Work out? Whether it's crossfit, orange theory or yoga classes...this Scrape n' Stretch service will help you perform at your best and FEEL your BEST!

Want to AVOID needing tons of therapy? Starting so feel tight or clicking every time you move?Get more information on how our Scrape 'n Stretch can help you stay away from injury!