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Hand injuries are more common than one might think. They can happen to anyone, virtually everywhere, no matter their age, gender or occupation. Our hands are extremely intricate in design and function and hence very prone to injuries. And when your hand is injured, your quality of life decreases, your productivity declines and you cease… Read more »

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If you’ve ever had an injury or dealt with chronic pain, you probably followed a pretty traditional course of action to address it. After searching on Google or asking friends and family if they had this same problem and what they did…. You probably went to your primary care doctor and they sent you for… Read more »

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Thanks to modern science, we now know that the benefits of modern-day massage therapies are unquestionably positive if performed by professionals. Did you know that some studies have even shown that infants, particularly those born prematurely, seem to be healthier and less stressed if given regular massages by their mothers or caregivers? Yet, knowing all… Read more »

Hand injury miami

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Avoid the most common post-holidays traumas hand injuries in Miami! Getting into the Post-Holiday Season spirit usually means cleaning the house. Decorating for the New Year and new occasions can mean putting up lights, spending hours (or days) shopping. Unfortunately, sometimes all this preparation to takes a toll on people.   America’s most common Christmas-related… Read more »

shoulder pain after pregnancy

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Ever wonder why you have shoulder pain after pregnancy? Pregnancy is such an exciting time for most women!  Hopefully the morning sickness and all that passes and you get to enjoy the changes that your body goes through.  And of course it’s amazing after when you have your baby right? Though pregnancy can be great,… Read more »