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[prisna-google-website-translator] Do you have clicking in your shoulders when you are reaching overhead? Are you clicking or popping when working out? Wondering if something is wrong with your shoulder or could get worst? What does clicking in the shoulder mean? I get this question A LOT…from friends, family, or anyone that finds out I help… Read more »

therapy services

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Have you been let down in the past by not so great therapy services after your hand or wrist surgery? Not getting the care that you want and need to fully recover? Fearfully that you will never get better? If the answers are yes…..Then I have some tips for you as this is something that… Read more »

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You just had surgery and it hurts like a B*&%H What can you do about pain after surgery?? This is something that comes up all the time for me as we work with a lot of people right after surgery and I want to talk about it with you, to help YOU if you just… Read more »

miami occupational therapy

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You have probably heard of the term ‘occupational therapy’, but might not be 100% familiar with what it actually means or entails. This article aims to explain all the basics, namely: What, Where, When, Why, and Who! What is occupational therapy? The World Federation of Occupational Therapists defines OT as a “client-centred health profession concerned… Read more »

Tips on how to avoid cutting your hand when cutting mangoes!

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Hey!!  It’s SUMMER in Miami and I always equate summer with MANGOES!  It’s mango season and that gets me EXCITED!!  I just love mangoes!  So here are 3 helpful tips to avoid cutting your hand this summer when cutting up some mangoes. I just went mango picking just yesterday and was giving it out to… Read more »

Miami physical therapy

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Miami physical Therapy – Osteoarthritis: How to relieve the pain in your joints Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition of the joints. Patients suffering from osteoarthritis (OA) may experience swelling, pain and stiffness of the joint, usually hips, knees or the neck, although OA can occur in any joint. It is a common condition that is… Read more »

shoulder blog

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Do you want to stay active and work out but are having shoulder pain? Have you tried taking care of it on your own and it’s still not gone away? Have you gone to doctors and all they want to do is recommend drugs, injections, and surgery? If you have answered yes to the above,… Read more »

What is a frozen shoulder

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You may have heard of the term ‘frozen shoulder’ or “frozen shoulder “syndrome”. It may also be referred to as ‘adhesive capsulitis’. It’s a common. What is a frozen shoulder? A frozen shoulder is pain and stiffness in the shoulder. Tissue around the shoulder joint becomes tighter and the amount of synovial fluid reaching the… Read more »