If you are waking up at night with hand pain….constantly feeling the numbness and pins and needles…already tried that quick fix splint and been told to rest or “change” what you are doing…And See NO PROGRESS…And feeling ANNOYED that your pain is just NOT getting better…And you are DESPERATE to know what you can do to get a full night sleep…to wake up in the morning NOT with hand problems…Then I have the solution for you! We have an effective Carpal Tunnel Therapy Program in Miami that does not require surgery! 


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We provide an effective Carpal Tunnel Therapy Program in Miami and Doral that DOES not require surgery! 


Dear ladies.

Whether you are active at work….active at home with your family…or trying to be active for YOU…and you are someone who have been dealing with annoying hand pain or numbness that is just slowing you down and driving you CRAZY…then you are in the right place.   

Think you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but want to be sure what it is exactly? Carpal tunnel syndrome is when the median nerve gets compressed or essentially choked at the wrist area.  There’s not a ton of room there….it’s full of bones, tendons, and the nerve is right in the middle. The median nerve can compressed because of the things we do all day, little amounts of scarring in that area that build up over time, and sometimes pregnant ladies develop carpal tunnel when they are pregnant due to weight gain as the body changes as well as hormone changes. And you are probably wondering why I am addressing you? Well…women are 3 x more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome then men are. Men do develop carpal tunnel but much more after an accident or surgery then in general like us ladies.

You may have even been told by a doctor, a friend or family, and even researched it on your own that you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  It seems like the 1st things they tell you to do is put you in a brace and tell you to “rest” your hands or even “modify or change” what you are doing.  Most of the time it’s paired with take some pills and come back when it’s so bad and have a nerve conduction test so they can recommend that you will need an injection or worst…surgery.  

Most of the time health providers are treating this generically…you know, look only at your wrist and keep you in a brace, give you basic stretches and exercises that can even make the carpal tunnel syndrome worst. Truth is, it’s just standard practice…to have you stop doing “that thing” that they think you are doing and that’s the last thing you want to do is slow down or stop…because as busy women with a career and family…there is no choice but to continue going full speed ahead. There is an EASY way to ease carpal tunnel problems…

If you are that person…

  • that’s frustrated…
  • annoyed with the hand pain and numbness that is slowing you down…
  • driving you CRAZY…
  • just not getting the results that you wanted with traditional hand therapy IF you were even directed to occupational/physical therapy to begin with…then read on…


Before I show you how I can help YOU, let me first distance myself from all the other occupational/physical therapists out there. What I do and the advice that I give here at Hands-On Therapy Services is not like anything else that’s been provided before. I am an occupational therapist and certified hand therapist who have spending years studying and practicing how the hand and arms move and how the nerves function and helped many people who have suffered not knowing that they could have gotten help BEFORE it got so bad that they felt like they had to have surgery. Carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t just what I treat….I’ve built this practice as a specialized hand clinic so that we can help people get the help they need so they don’t have to suffer for years feeling frustrated and being driven crazy with hand pain and numbness!

I know as busy women in this crazy world of ours that your TIME is THE most valuable and important aspect in your life.  And the last thing you want to do is go to a therapy clinic where you are sitting with 4-5 other people at the same time and waiting your “turn” to get any attention or doing “silly” exercises that you could be doing on your own.  

Recovery faster and get the help from someone that values your TIME and provides you with the expert help that you need with specific clinic testing and program to get to the root cause of your hand pain and numbness…Because carpal tunnel nerve problems can be more then at just the wrist…


What’s more is, we are the TOP private hand therapy center (aka clinic) in the Miami area helping people just like you that are suffering from carpal tunnel hand pain and numbness get the advice and help you need to make the best decision about your quality of life.  We do a thorough exam to check all areas of that median nerve to find out where it is being compressed and get to the true root cause of why you are having that hand pain and numbness. There’s no need to continuing suffering from night pain that wakes you or waking up in the morning with the pins and needles all in your hands. There’s no need to keep waiting until the pain is so bad and the numbness and weakness becomes permanent. There are Carpal Tunnel Treatment techniques which make patients  avoid surgery and long term suffering.

Carpal Tunnel Therapy Program in Miami at Hands on Therapy Services 


We invite you to get the help you need to make a decision about how you can get rid of that carpal tunnel hand pain and numbness to improve your quality of living. Like I said, we are not like other clinics around and one way we show you is by offering you a Free Discovery Visit.

What is that you wonder? It’s an opportunity for you to come in, meet and talk with the carpal tunnel specialist, and participate in a screening to test why you are having that pain and numbness and where it is coming from. We do all this to ensure that you are who we can help….then you get to decide what happens next.

If you are suffering with carpal tunnel hand pain that wakes you up at night….or you are waking up to annoying hand numbness and tingling….and just frustrated that this hand problem is NOT getting better….and Worried about what will happen if that carpal tunnel hand pain and numbness gets worst and how it’s effecting your quality of life. We provide an effective Carpal Tunnel Therapy in Miami and Doral.  

Here are a few examples of what other people that had carpal tunnel are saying about how we were able to help them. Each person is different in what they want to be able to achieve and at what point they are when seeking help. We approach each person individually based base it on your needs and wants.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about Carpal Tunnel Treatment and Carpal Tunnel Therapy in Doral and Miami! 

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